Lysander's Teaching


Lysander Jaffe

believes in every student’s potential for growth and expressivity. His diverse musical experiences have made him a flexible and versatile teacher, able to meet students where they are and adapt to all learning styles and level of ability. He has been on faculty for Village Harmony since 2013, where he has gained recognition for his accessible, yet nuanced and demanding, teaching of Georgian, Corsican, and Balkan traditional music styles. He has also coached Revels Singers and Libana, taught at the Center for Arts at the Armory, and runs the Boston Singing Sessions. He offers private lessons, group classes, choir and ensemble coachings, and workshops. To learn more, contact Lysander.

"Lysander, watching you teach is such a gift. You are perfectly clear, succinctly thoughtful, well-paced and thorough. I learn from you constantly." -Northern Harmony 2016 workshop participant