Lysander Jaffe

Lysander Jaffe

Boston-based violinist, violist, singer, and educator

"Highlights include...the searing harmonies of the carols from Corsica and Croatia, and the powerful singing of Lysander Jaffe, Gideon Crevoshay, and a vivacious Sophie Michaux." -The Boston Globe

"Lysander Jaffe’s exploration of the folk hymns of the Dalmatian coast of Croatia shimmered in Nevijska Koleda." -The Boston Music Intelligencer

"He not only showed mastery in Georges Enescu’s rhapsodic Concert Piece but also carried on when, midway through, the bridge of his instrument came off, collapsing the strings. Quickly borrowing principal violist Ahling Neu’s instrument, he played on almost seamlessly to the finish.” - The Berkshire Eagle

"In all my years as a professional musician, I've never come across anyone with the myriad musical gifts that Lysander has. He is an excellent classical violinist and violist and is equally skilled playing world folk music on both of these instruments. He sings the music of Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey, Corsica, and the Republic of Georgia with profound authenticity and a mastery beyond his years." -Megan Henderson, Music Director, Revels Inc.