Lysander Jaffe

is a violinist, violist, singer, and educator based in Cambridge.

"In all my years as a professional musician, I've never come across anyone with the myriad musical gifts that Lysander has. He is an excellent classical violinist and violist and is equally skilled playing world folk music on both of these instruments. As a singer, he is equally skilled with the music of Bulgaria, Albania, Corsica and the Republic of Georgia. He has spent extensive amounts of time in some of these places to study the culture, the language and the music firsthand." -Megan Henderson, Music Director, Revels Inc. 

"[Lysander] is a brilliant violinist and violist, adept at both classical and folk styles...As a vocalist, Lysander has a wonderful command of the ornamented styles of Georgian, Albanian and Corsican singing." -Larry Gordon, Music Director, Village Harmony